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Rams Get Rowdy

Alison Catena '15


Roundin' up Some Baby Rams 

Alison Catena '15


    This school year is full of new faces from teachers to classmates. Some of these new students aren't as unfamiliar as you may think. Many upperclassmen are now dragging along their little siblings on their morning commute to school! These new Rams might be a tad intimidated by the high school, but with their older siblings by their side, this year will be a breeze. Having the opprotunity to walk into school with an older sister or brother will be a memory they will cherish years and years down the road. So if you find yourself doing a double take in the halls, chances are you've spotted a "mini me" of one of your friends! 

Siblings from left to right:


Lauren '15 and Kate Harrington '18 

Matthew '18 and Samantha Smithburger '15

John '17 and Katarina Saba '15

Jake '18 and Aaron Burnett '15 

Camille '18 and Anna Daughterty '15

Mikey '18 and Alexander Van Ness '15 with Olivia '15 and Connor Sinclair '18

Alex '18, Catie '18 and Ian Fennessy '18