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Athlete Signing Day

Karan Higdon- Michigan, Football

Marquis Moodie-Stetson, Football

Riley Sheehan-Jacksonville University, Football

Mason Hupalo-Jacksonville University, Football

Brian Liddy-Lyon College, Football

Ashley Allmer-Louisiana State University, Volleyball

Ben Bates-Lehigh University, Soccer

Nancy Hu-University of Pennsylvania, Swimming

Michael Moore-Tyler College, Tennis

Cheerleader sets personal record

Skyler Hardesty '16



Student Athletic Profile
AJ Caldwell 

Claire Johnson '17


Name: AJ Caldwell

Grade: 10th (’17)

Age: 16

When did you start playing basketball?

I began around when I was in 1st grade, so I’ve been playing for quite a while.

What is it like playing alongside your brother (Dominic Caldwell) on RHS’s varsity team?

It’s a great experience. We’re always looking out for each other and trying to make each other better.

What are your goals for the future regarding basketball?

My future goals are to play basketball in college and, if I can, into the NBA.

What is your favorite part about the sport and your team?

My favorite part about playing basketball for RHS is being able to share my experience with great coaches and teammates.

Varsity Soccer Districts 

Abby Donnelly '17

    The most important time of the year for Riverview’s Varsity soccer teams is districts. All season the boys and girls train and coaches schedule extra games in addition to the regular season games just to give the players more practice in a game situation.

    The boys’ varsity team last year was very successful in districts. The boys won the district by defeating Manatee, St. Pete, and Pinellas Park.

    If the teams win districts they move onto regionals to compete with other teams that won their districts. After regionals is states. Although the boys did not make it past regionals last year, they’re optimistic for the 2014-2015 year.

    “We’ve had a tough season but I know we can pull it together in the upcoming games,” said Adam Bates 17’.

    The boys team will play Manatee for their first game of districts on January 21st. If they win, they will play the winner of the St. Pete and Pinellas Park Game in the finals of districts.

    The girls’ varsity team will play St. Pete in the first round of districts and move on to play Manatee in the district finals if they win.

Boys Varsity Soccer Approaches Districts 

Jazmin Giovino '17 


    With district games soon approaching, the boys’ varsity soccer team has to step up their A game in hopes of winning it all. Even through the ups and downs of the season, these boys have a strong love and dedication for soccer and have hopes of winning districts.

    Practices are held on Monday and Thursday and games are typically Tuesday and Friday. Practices are at Riverview High School for about 2 hours and are run by the Head Coach, Coach Stroop.

    In total, as of press time, these boys have played a total of 14 games. They played two preseason games against Cardinal Mooney and Venice High School. These two games were a challenge and both ended with a loss. They have won 5 games, lost 5 games, and tied two games since the start of the actual season.

    There are three games left of the season until districts. There are four teams in districts and currently Riverview is ranked third among them. The boys’ varsity team might play Pinellas County depending if St. Pete beats them or not. Afterwards they will play Manatee, and lastly if they win against Manatee, they will play St Pete.

    “Playing Manatee in districts will be the most important game for us to win. Even though we’ve had our ups and downs this season, we are a great team and have the best moments when we connect on the field and work together.” Said Felipe Rojas, 16’.

    Rojas is a junior has been playing soccer since he was four year old and currently plays either center or left man. He has been playing soccer for River all three years he has been in high school even when he attended Pine View High School both freshman and sophomore year.

    Even though the team has had a shaky start, especially in comparison to previous years where the Riverview boys’ varsity team was placed 13th in the state last year, Rojas firmly believes these boys can work together and pull of the win at districts.

    “We all share an incredible passion for soccer and are hardworking players. As long as we play a little more possession and play high tempo, we can beat St. Pete and win it all.” Said Rojas.

Stuart Scott will be missed 

Micah Yost 16’


    On January 4, 2015, we lost a great man. He was a sports announcer, an ESPN anchor, a loving father, and husband. He was Stuart Scott. Stuart was a long time sports anchor for ESPN and had been battling a rare form of cancer called appendiceal cancer. It is so rare that the ACS (American Cancer Society) doesn’t even put out information on the death rates and how many people it affects.

    When Scott had won the 2014 Jimmy V Perseverance award at the ESPYs and gave a very moving speech in which he said, “When you die, that does not mean you lose to cancer, you beat cancer by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live. So live, live, fight like hell. And when you get too tired, [lie] down, rest and let someone else fight for you.”

    A very moving speech that would make even the toughest man in the world shed a tear. But Scott did not fear death, he realized that he only had a limited time left, so he lived life to the fullest and never looked back. Stuart Scott died at the age of only 49. Only having lived less than 50 years, it makes you think how much he could have accomplished had he had a couple more years on this Earth. Stuart Scott was a great man and will be greatly missed by every sports fan in America and will leave a great legacy of perseverance and courage.

Riverview Swim Team Wins 4A State Championship

Karlie Costello '15


    Sailfish Splashpark Aquatic Athletics Center held the 2014 annual Swimming and Diving Florida state competition, and Riverview's very own boy's swim team took home first place, a feat not reached since 1980. The girl's team also took home third place in state. Riverview claimed the boys’ team title by a landslide with an astounding 281 points, Countryside with 153 points and East Lake with a 141 took second and third. The girls team took 156.5 points in the final, before East Lake and Olympia.

    The state team swim three mornings and five afternoons a week including Saturdays. In addition, the team also keeps their grades in shape. Marcia O'Gorman, an assistant swim coach, said: “I'm always amazed how they have such good grades and continue to practice every day... They're great kids who push and support each other. They just really work well together.”

    Both teams showed great promise in the competition, as every class including freshman stepped up their game to win even in the top ten. For year-long swimmers, swimming is a full time job, and there is practically no off season, even over holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas break. The only time it comes close to a break is the week before school starts. If they miss a week due to injury or sickness, the affects on their bodies are tremendous, as they are so used to exercise and routine.

    The teams show an amazing dedication to sportsmanship, fitness and Ram spirit. “To be in the top ten in the state of Florida, in 4A, and be so young..” said O'Gorman, “they're only going to get better.”

New Basketball Season

Micah Yost '16



Student Athletic Profile

Name: Juhnae Richardson


Grade:   12


Sport: Basketball


How long have you been playing basketball? Since 8th grade


What do you love most about the sport?

There's always something new to expect in each and every game, I don't think I can ever get bored.


Do you have any scholarships in basketball? I've received one scholarship from Barry University.


What are your goals in basketball for the future? I set a goal for myself the summer of my freshman year to get a scholarship, which I have achieved. My next goal is to go into my freshman year of college as a starter, which will be tough.

Snipes-Booker inspires

Jenna Tarifa ‘16


     There are only so many people that go out and do what it takes to become what they've always wanted to be and push themselves to become the person they are supposed to be. Andre Snipes-Booker, a Riverview Ram's alumni, has accomplished just that. 


    Booker graduated from The View in 2009 and was a member of the Football and Track and Field Teams. While attending high school, he was named one of the best athletes in the state and country in his class and was named Athlete of the Year by the Herald-Tribune.


   "I was highly recruited coming out of high school, earning scholarships from all over the country for me to play for their programs and that was such a blessing," said Booker.


    Booker decided to attend Marshall University, in West Virginia, on a full football scholarship. During his college football career, Booker was on ESPN's top 10 plays and was Marshall's special teams MVP for his kick and punt return abilities.


    Football wasn't the only thing Booker had on his list of accomplishments. He put extra work into his studies and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. When all is said and done with his football career, he plans on pursuing his dream of attending the Police Academy. 


     "Getting my degree was a big accomplishment," said Booker, "outsiders were concerned I'd never make it that far and I stayed focused and I didn't let anything get in the way of what I wanted to get accomplished."


    Booker had the great experience of being a part of the 2013 NFL draft and for a short time played for the Detroit Lions as well as the Toronto Argonauts in Canada.


    While trying to get back on the field, he has returned to The View to help coach the RHS Varsity Football Team alongside his idol, Coach Todd Johnson.  


    "I came from the bottom and I just want to inspire the youth under me," said Booker.


     Another important man in Bookers life is his grandfather Lee Otis Snipes. Snipes has been the main father figure in Bookers life for the past 23 years. To honor his grandfather, Booker changed his last name to Snipes-Booker.


     "Everything I know now is because of him," said Booker,  "I always wanted to be like him because he's the perfect role model I could have ever ask for."

Physical abuse lands a hard hit on the NFL

Micah Yost ‘17


     Physical abuse has always been a problem for athletes everywhere for as long as anyone can remember. But the most recent accounts have upset people more than ever. One of the oldest and most famous accounts of spouse abuse/murder is that of OJ Simpson. OJ was accused of murdering his wife.


    Follow this event were smaller cases of spouse abuse that came and went and did not cause too much controversy.   

Recently, two very well-known NFL players have come into the eyes of the press on accounts of spouse/child abuse. One of them was running back for the Minnesota Vikings, Adrian Peterson, accused of child abuse. Adrian Peterson was put on paid leave from the Minnesota Vikings. Peterson is accused of using a “switch” on his son as punishment. He explained that he did not intend to hurt his son, but was only disciplining him in the way that he was growing up in east Texas. 


   “There are many ways to discipline a child, but I believe that there is a thin line between punishment and abuse,” said Riley Sheehan 15'.


    The other is former running back for the Baltimore Ravens, Ray Rice, accused of knocking his future wife out. There was not much concern for this case until the video was released of Rice punching and knocking, his girlfriend at the time, out cold and dragging her out of the elevator that they were in. Rice was released from the Ravens and suspended from the NFL indefinitely and is also considered ineligible to play in the Canadian Football League (CFL).


    Fans around the country have been outraged at Rice’s actions and Riverview has been no exception.


    “The acts conducted by Rice were cruel and completely unnecessary.” said Emerson Robbins 17'

Sub trades grades for baseball

Andrew Pawling ’17


    Meet Riverview's newest substitute teacher and Detroit Tigers AA pitching coach— Jaime Garcia.

    When Jessica Curtis went on maternity leave last month, her students had no idea how diverse their substitute would be.  Born in Santiago, Cuba, Garcia played college baseball in 1970 for Louis University. After retiring from baseball, he went on to earn a Master's Degree in Spanish education at Indiana State University.


    Once his teaching career began, Garcia reflected on those who made the largest impact on his life in high school—his coaches. He then went on to coach high school football, basketball and baseball teams at Providence Catholic High School, which is located near Chicago. Under his leadership, the baseball team won state championships in 1978 and 1982.


    After coaching high school sports for almost two decades, Garcia was recruited to be a coach for the White Sox minor league team located in the Sarasota area. He then was a part time pitching coach from 1988-90 and has been doing the job full-time for various teams since 1990.


    When he went full time as a pitching coach in 1990, Garcia took a break from teaching. In 1995, he began substitute teaching during the MLB off-season. For the past two years, Garcia has been the pitching coach for the AA Erie Sea Wolves in the Detroit Tigers farm system.


    Starting next year, he will be the pitching coordinator at the Tigers Lakeland complex. As a pitching coordinator, Garcia's responsibilities will include overseeing rehabs for major and minor league pitchers, as well as coaching the Gulf Coast team


    Over the course of his coaching career, Garcia has coached for minor league teams for the Chicago White Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, Kansas City Royals, Texas Rangers, Cincinnati Reds, Houston Astros and currently the Detroit Tigers. Throughout those years, he has also been an assistant pitching coordinator, and later a pitching coordinator.


    Garcia plans to continue substituting and coaching for as long as he physically can.


    He will be on campus until the middle of November and can be found in Rm. 5-217.

Royals fall in 7 to Giants after Cinderella tale

Andrew Pawling ’17


    For the first time in 29 years, the Kansas City Royals made the playoffs. After nearly three decades of disappointing baseball, this young team made the most of their playoff berth. Out of the 25 men on the roster, only two had playoff experience. But the beginners luck was just what the Royals needed as they burst out of the gate with an MLB record, eight consecutive victories to start a postseason, clinching the American League title in the process.


    At the start of the season, nobody said this team would even make the playoffs. They were the only team in baseball not to have a player with either 75 RBI, 20 homers, or 15 wins, which is unheard of.


    The odds were heavily stacked against them when they started a series against an MLB best, the 98-64 LA Angels.


    The young team surprised the world by sweeping a team that contained two former MVPs and the best player in baseball.


    The difference between the Royals and every other team in the postseason was simply the completeness of the team. Most team sports are built around one or two key players. There are teams like this in every level of sports, from the time the players are kids all the way to the professional level. Everyone looks to the super star to save the day. But then, what does a team do when the super star is taken out of the equation? They lose.


    What makes the Royals a model team for high schools and young organizations is their team attitude. They don't have a super star or a weak link. If one person had a bad day, the next guy was there to pick him up, get the job done and win the game.


    After sweeping their way into the World Series, the Royals' momentum was halted abruptly by Maddison Bumgarner and the Giants' offense.

As the series went back and forth, Bumgarner again shut the Royals' offense down.  Facing elimination in Game 6, KC made a statement with a 10-0 win at home.  Now the World Series was going to a decisive Game 7.  Although the Giants would go on to win the game 3-2, with five shut out innings of relief by Bumgarner, the Royals never gave up.  The team kept their heads held high, coming within 90 feet of tying the game and forcing extra innings.


    The lesson to be learned from the Royals is that you should never let other people tell you what you can or cannot do.  You set your own goals.  The Royals gave their postseason run all they had, this year it wasn't quite enough, but next year they might complete their Royals flush.

Rams Football Awards

Wilson Pava ’15


    This year has seen the football team pull off fantastic wins while also losing heartbreakers.

The Sarasota rivalry game will define the taste that is left in our mouths. A loss to Sarasota would leave the rivalry at two and two over the last four years. While a win would put us on top with three wins and one loss. Please note, at the time that this story was written the Sarasota game had yet to have been played.


    Even without the defining game of the season the story is practically done. This year will be remembered as one of ups and downs. The football team managed to pull off some of the best wins in recent memory, but also managed to lose some of the most heartbreaking games.


    Through it all Coach Johnson and the team as a whole have showed resilience, not letting bad losses effect their attitude.

Throughout the season one group did stand out and brought us some of our most memorable wins.




    While the NFL is in the season of the quarterback the Riverview Rams were in the year of the running back. Karan Higdon ‘15 led the way but even on the rare occasion that he faltered those behind him on the depth chart stepped up.




    Without a doubt Higdon led the team this year. Even when he was injured or on the bench he was still on the sidelines helping his team. A true MVP gives it his all on and off the field.


    Even though we missed the playoffs this year the future is still bright with a young secondary that could become one of the best around the years to come will be great. 


    As a senior, these last four years of football have been incredible and there is no better way to end it than this.

Alexander Franco Student Athletic Profile

Natalie Raszka '17




Sport: Football                                            Grade:10


How did it feel to move up to varsity as a freshman?

 It was a huge honor and and a privilege, also a big responsibility to keep up and do as well as the more experienced players.


What is most challenging about football?

It would have to be the pressure on you and all your coaches counting on you, but all you do is try your best.


Do you ever get nervous before a big game?

Everyone gets nervous before they do something new, but once I step on the field and start playing, all the nerves go away.

The Captain retires with Re2pect from all

Micah Yost 16'


    Along with some other great sports players like Landon Donovan, Sidney Rice, and Shane Battier, one of the greats has just left their game. Derek Jeter, shortstop for the New York Yankees, played his last game of major league baseball on Sept. 28, 2014. He left that game, an away game against the Red Sox, with an RBI. Jeter ended MLB with a career batting average of .310 and a standing ovation from the crowd and every player in the Red Sox dugout.


     “He was a great player and a role model for every kid who watched him step foot on a baseball field.” said Joseph Robusteli 15’                              


     Jeter made an amazing exit from his last home game held at Yankee Stadium in the South Bronx. On his last up-to-bat, he hit a walk off single into right field to bring the run they needed win the game against the Orioles .


     “The game is going to miss him. He was a class act his entire career and represented himself, his family, and his team well, all while being an outstanding player at the same time.” Said Jaime Garcis, a substitute teacher and minor league coach.


     Derek Jeter is recognized as one of the greatest players to have played the game. Not only will New York and the Yankees organization miss him, but the whole baseball community will never for get the name Derek Jeter.

Volleyball Team is Ready

Karlie Costello '15


    As the seasons begin to change athletes and sports enthusiasts everywhere begin to dust off their bats, helmets, pom-poms and rackets for another great year of fun and friendly competition, Riverview's very own volleyball team begins to practice its spikes and its dives, ready to do great things this season.


    Avery close group of girls with special abilities, they have their eyes locked on the big fish, the district championship.


   "This year our team is very close. We all are best friends who all have the same goal of being district champs," said Courtney Searles '16.

    As with any good team,  the Varsity volleyball team studies its opponents. With practice every day of the week except for game day, the team has a chance to go through and work on their flaws, while discussing the opposition.

    The team is strong on the defensive side, and does not allow many easy points. While the defense is their strongest point, height is their weakest point. Nevertheless, the team is also capable of putting points on the board.

RHS Volleyball Team Confident in Another Year 

Karlie Costello '15


    As the seasons begin to change athletes and sports enthusiasts everywhere begin to dust off their bats, helmets, pom-poms and rackets for another great year of fun and friendly competition, and this is especially true for Riverview's very own volleyball team, who are ready for this year's turn of events. Ram page was able to get an exclusive interview with the team's very own Courtney Searles, a tenth grader on varsity.

How has this year compared to previous years?

    "This year our team is very close. We all are best friends who all have the same goal of being district champs. Last year was the first year having Joe Rohr as the head coach. This year he knows exactly his goal with the team."

What do you do to prepare your team for games?

    "Prior to the game we all talk about the different players who we are playing against. In the practice before the game we adjust something depending on the team we are playing."

How often do you practice and what do they consist of?

    "We have practice Monday through Friday on the days we don't have games. At practice we start off with a warm up, simply a jog and stretching. Every practice we play twenty passes before three minutes to get our bodies moving. After we go through our rotations and break down the problems we are having."

What does the team look like this year overall?

    "We have a well-rounded team. We are stacked in the back row with an unstoppable defensive. We are a very short team, but that doesn't stop us from competing with high level teams."

    Don't forget to attend volleyball games this year to show the team our full support. 


Rams win to get to 3-3

Wilson Pava ‘15


     The Rams brought their record back to 3-3 following a 28-23 win over the Southeast Seminoles. The Rams went down 3-0 early in the first quarter and again 10-7 late in the same quarter.


    On the defining offensive drive star running back Karan Higdon '15 was hit high and low causing him to miss the rest of the drive. This did not stop the offense from scoring the touchdown, a run by fullback Tyler O'Keefe '15. After taking the 14-10 lead, the Rams did not let the Seminoles have another lead all game long.


     The game was not defined until the very end, Southeast launched a major comeback attempt that failed leaving the game at 28-23. The defense stepped up and forced two fumbles, including one that was returned for a touchdown by Reilly Sheehan '15.  


     The team might have come away with a crucial win, that keeps their playoff hopes alive, but it came at a high cost. After getting hit high and low, Higdon only ran the ball again a handful of times.


     Coach Todd Johnson has time after time touted his team's ability to work through adversity. This was exemplified against Southeast, where the next man up stepped up.

College Football Takes a Kick Start 

Skyler Hardesty '16 


    When most people think of college football they think of rambunctious fans painting themselves, head to toe, in their team’s colors. But, there’s a lot more where that came from.

    Everyone knows that when school starts up again and the temperature starts to drop, it’s go-time for college football.

    College football season runs from September to December. In those months, colleges fight to the finish and rivalries are more on edge than ever. If you ever want to catch a game, Saturday would be the day to do so.

    “This year I’m definitely rooting for the Iowa Hawkeyes,” said Krystin Langer ’17.

    The most infamous college game is played by the Florida State Seminoles and the University of Florida Gators. Many fans get super riled up for this match and often have tailgating parties to celebrate the incoming of this game.

    In order to become involved with social media, college football has taken a place in the commonly used app, Snapchat. Every weekend, an option appears on your list of “Snapchat stories” that you can view, and everyone who attends any college football game that weekend can record a story and post it for everyone to see. This feature has occurred repeatedly since the beginning of college football season and has become very user friendly due to the fact that people can enjoy the game if they are unable to attend or watch it live on television.

    “I love the football games and how lively they are, the atmosphere and meeting new people. Also seeing the campus and being surrounded by older kids is nice,” said Rachel Yoder ’15.

    The hype of college football increases every year with the rise of the fan bases. Football is definitely something that hardcore fans can take seriously. Having cookouts and a bunch of family and friends over is always an option when it comes to the super-fans of college football.

 Jessica Lonas Student Athletic Profile 

How long have you run on varsity cross country?

Three years so far, this year will be my fourth.

What do you love most about the sport?

I love competing on race day and seeing how much I have improved as the season progresses.

For a 5k (3.1 miles) cross country meet, what is your personal record?

My PR is 20 minutes and six seconds.

What are you doing this training season to drop your time?

I put in a lot more miles this summer and went to two running camps.

Are you planning on running in college?

I would like to; a couple of coaches have contacted me and I have been looking into a few schools myself.

RHS Rower Rows for the World

By Micah Yost '16


    This summer was a great time for international sports competitions. In addition to the World Cup that took place in Brazil, the Junior World Rowing Championships were held in Hamburg, Germany. Riverview’s own Nick Edwards ‘15 was chosen out of everyone in the United States, to represent our country and be a part of this exciting event!


  Nick Edwards ‘15, an IB senior here at Riverview High School, competed in the men’s 8 at the Junior World Rowing Championships. Nick was able to come together and compete with other great scullers from all over the world.


 “It was a great learning experience. It opened my eyes to how rowing is in different countries. It was so fun and really cool to be around other competitors from all over the world.” Said Edwards ‘15


  After the competition and all the ceremonies held for the teams, Edwards ‘15 and his family got to spend another week outside of the U.S. He and his family spent that week in Paris, France.


   Edwards was able to represent The United States of America in this rowing competition, and get to experience the different cultures in both Germany and France. This is why he said that this was one of the most amazing experiences thus far in his rowing career and motivates him to continue with his favorite sport.

All Access Pass

By Jazmin Giovino '17


    Basketball, volleyball, and even football games are all easily available this year for a discounted price. The new All Access Pass gets you into all the games here at Riverview for the entire year for only one payment of $50.


    This pass gets you into all Riverview home games including junior varsity and varsity for both the boys and girls teams. However, the pass does not include, championship, districts, or fundraiser games.


    Coach Ward, head of the athletic department, came up with this idea to create a fan friendly way to encourage more people to come to the game and support our Rams. This pass can be purchased at the athletic office from Mrs. Cox (cash or check only).


    This pass also includes parking, which already saves you $5 every time. Also, each ticket costs $6 dollars. For just varsity football, there are six home games. If you planned to attend every Varsity football game, just between parking and tickets, you would be spending $66. Now imagine only spending $50 to get in any and all games.


    “If you are interested in purchasing the All Access Pass, it makes more sense to get it now, so you and get your money’s worth and attend every game,” says Alison Ruzbacki ‘15, president of the PUMP club.


    The PUMP club’s function is to support Riverview’s athletic events. Members meet every Monday in 5-113. Sheila Bliss, a Riverview English teacher, is the sponsor of this club.


   “The All Access Pass is definitely a more cost effective way to watch all the sports games you want here at Riverview,” said Bliss.


    The All Access Pass is definitely the best way to get the most out of your money while supporting our Riverview Rams and watching all the sports you enjoy.

Football vs. Fútbol

By Wilson Pava '15


    This summer brought us the spectacle that is the FIFA World Cup. 32 nations from all over the world battled each other for the most coveted trophy on the international stage. While fútbol, as soccer is called around the world, reigns supreme in the rest of the world, football rules here at home. 


    The World Cup demonstrated that soccer has found its place in the hearts and minds of American sports fans. Thousands of Americans went to cheer on the Stars and Stripes in Brazil. The USA was the nation that bought the most tickets in the entire world.


    While thousands cheered on the American team in Brazil, thousands more saw their games televised on ESPN. That made us think, which is better football or soccer?


    Football is the real American pastime. Most of us have our football teams that we are loyal to from our early days, we even create and follow our own fantasy teams. Football has a strong viewership and the largest fan base in the country.


    Soccer on the other hand is growing as a sport that more people play than watch. Most American soccer fans are fans because they played. Soccer has a growing number of youth players, and this is the main reason for the growing number of fans.


    Football and soccer are very different sports that require different abilities. These differences mean that in football some teams will naturally be much better than others, leading to many blowouts. Soccer on the other hand


    “In soccer you have more parity. While you see blowouts in football, you rarely see them in soccer.” Said Mr. Evans, Drum-line Director and ex-soccer coach.


    Closely matched teams across the board means that at any moment you can get a close game or comeback. While a three score lead in football (three TDs or 21 points) is a relatively safe lead in soccer three goals is a reasonable comeback.


    Knowing that your team is usually within distance of either breaking a tie or making a comeback to tie or even win the game causes the atmosphere at the game much different. Strengthening the support of the fan base in soccer is the national aspect.


    Football is primarily an American sport, so international matches are nonexistent. Football unifies the people of America into regions or cities, not under one team. Soccer has a large international stage, it is highlighted by the World Cup every four years. This makes some of the largest fan bases in all of sports, further enhancing the stadium environment.  


    “The atmosphere at soccer matches is great. I love it.” Said Mr. Minor, IB English teacher and avid soccer fanatic.

    Football has its merits though. It is engrained in our identity as Americans. Football and soccer are two completely different sports and both can share a place in our hearts.